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Courtroom Etiquette

  • No recording of court proceedings is allowed. 
  • Be polite and courteous to the Judge, to court personnel, and to those around you. 
  • Turn off cellular phones, pagers, and other electronic devices. 
  • Suitable attire is required; this is a professional setting and you are encouraged to dress accordingly.
  • Remove hats upon entering the courtroom. 
  • No smoking, food or drink is allowed in the courtroom. 
  • Children are only allowed in the courtroom if they are giving testimony in a trial. 
  • DO speak softly and maintain a professional demeanor in the hallways and stairwells of the Courthouse.
  • DON'T speak in the courtroom during a court proceeding.
  • DO remember the bathrooms are located on the lower floor near the entrance.
  • DON'T bring heavy backpacks or totes into the Courthouse as this delays the security processes.
  • DO be respectful to the judge; address him or her as "your honor" or "judge."
  • DON'T chew gum in the courtrooms.
  • DON'T bring food or beverages into a courtroom. 
  • DON'T repeat to others what you heard in the courtroom while still in the Courthouse; 
  • DO bring pens or pencils and paper to take notes; there's a lot to learn from a visit to the courthouse.
  • Weapons are not only prohibited in the courtroom, but they are prohibited in all of East Orange Municipal Court building.

Parking Information

No parking in Court’s parking lot. Authorized vehicle parking only.

Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed

Park on street and use parking meters.



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